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Frequently asked questions

What weight and dimensions can I ship with you?
You can ship a variety of packages with us, from small to large sizes, up to 59x33x33 inches and weighing up to 50lb. Once onboarded, you will have access to our shipper help content with further details on packing and labelling guidance ahead of your first pickup.
How can I buy shipping labels from you?
We make it easy to purchase labels through a variety of common methods:
1. Through your own order management system, where we offer a variety of self-service tools to make it easy, including dynamic testing and detailed documentation.
2. With a third-party shipping software provider, or through our shipping portal, Shipper Central. We work with many third-party software providers, including Veeqo, Linnworks, and SellerCloud.
3. Through Shipper Central, which automatically syncs with your Seller Central orders.
Do you offer international delivery?
We don't offer international delivery from the United States at this time, but we are always expanding our delivery services, so check back soon. For Amazon Shipping services in other countries, please visit our UK, France, Italy, Spain, and India websites.
What delivery coverage do you offer?
We serve domestic shipments within the contiguous United States. The majority of the population is served by Amazon’s transportation network, and we work closely with USPS to fully cover all delivery destinations, including P.O. boxes and military bases.
What collection types do you offer?
We offer a variety of collection types for our shippers, including loose load, container, and palletized, depending on the number of packages you need to ship.
Can I track packages that I send with Amazon Shipping?
Yes — all deliveries are tracked and visible through your online shipping management account, Shipper Central. Your recipients can also track their package through our dedicated tracking page, which includes real-time order tracking, delivery preferences, and expected package arrival information.
What are your residential surcharges?
We do not charge our shippers for residential surcharges.

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